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  1. Enjoy the felines, ancient ruins at Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome



    We had to be in the right spot. The GPS said so.

    The Area Sacra at Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome is the site of ancient ruins and the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. More than 140 cats call this area home. Some live in the indoor shelter.
  2. Testing the truth from the back of a scooter in Morocco


    MARRAKECH, Morocco

    The driver holds a sign that says "Riad Lamzai."

    View from Nomad, a rooftop restaurant overlooking a spice market in Marrakech, Morocco. (Aaron Sharockman |  Times)
  3. On the Camino de Santiago, Day 32: A Tampa Bay woman completes her solo spiritual pilgrimage. Here are the things she'll remember


    Day 32 (Thursday, August 3): Santa Irene to Santiago: 23 km, 4.5 hours. Totals for Days 1-32 = 782 km (486 miles), 241 hours

    My compostela, certifying my successful completion of the Camino de Santiago, issued by the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi - Special to the Times)