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  1. Shell of Old GM Surfaces in Court Fight Over Ignition Flaw


    DETROIT — For eight years, the shell of prebankruptcy General Motors has lingered on in the form of "old GM" — first as a corporate entity and now as an obscure trust designed to settle debts and claims left over from the company's huge financial collapse.

  2. More consumers sue Miami auto lender over debt cancellation product


    Doubling the size of her loan is not what Christina Resuello expected when she signed up for a $5,000 line of credit with Marlin Financial. But that's what happened, she said, because of a misleading debt cancellation product the company included in her agreement.

    Consumers across the state allege that a confusing debt cancellation product offered by Marlin Financial Inc. unexpectedly drove up the balance of their loan with Marlin. 
[Pictured is Marlin's website. | Courtesy of Marlin Financial]
  3. High interest rates, quick repossessions dog auto buyers with poor credit


    High interest rates, rising repossessions and severe mechanical issues — for consumers with bad credit, buying a car can be a minefield. Through interviews with a dozen borrowers who used subprime loans to buy vehicles and reviews of more than 100 online complaints, the Tampa Bay Times found some troubling …

    The PIDI buy here, pay here dealer advertises cars on Florida Avenue in Tampa. As defaults on subprime auto loans rise, there are rising concerns about abuses by some in the industry. [CHARLIE KAIJO   |   Times]
  4. Air bag inflator ruptures, driver killed in Pasco County


    DETROIT — Automaker Honda says a driver from Pasco County died in a crash earlier this month that involved an exploding Takata air bag inflator.

    Honda says a driver near Tampa has died in a crash that involved an exploding Takata air bag inflator. 
[Associated Press]
  5. My First Car: 1931 Chevrolet Coupe, Gilbert Jones, 89, St. Petersburg


    '31 Chevrolet Coupe

    I graduated from St. Petersburg Senior High and needed a car for transportation to St. Petersburg Junior College on Fifth Avenue. There were no buses then, and the streetcars did not go out that far. Everyone needed a ride, so my friends took the same classes as I did so we …

     My First Car: 1931 Chevrolet Coupe, Gilbert Jones, 89, St. Petersburg